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HelpingHapless Has Been Honoured By Women

HelpingHapless Has Been Honour...

 On International women's day HelpingHapless has been honoured by women for their achiev
Anti-Drug Campaign In Sekhan Majra Mohali

Anti-Drug Campaign In Sekhan M...

HelpingHapLess conducted an Anti-Drug Campaign in village Sekhan Majra Mohali, distt. S.A.S. Naga
BS Ramoowalia Met Sushma Swaraj

BS Ramoowalia Met Sushma Swara...

HelpingHapless got a case of 16-17 guys who were captive in Sharjah UAE. S. Balwant Singh Ramoowa
HelpingHapless Giving Polio Drops To Childs From Slums

HelpingHapless Giving Polio Dr...

HelpingHapless giving polio drops to childs from slums
HelpingHapless Distributed Feed To Down Syndrome Babies

HelpingHapless Distributed Fee...

HelpingHapless distributed feed to down syndrome babies
Discussing About Bringing Dead Body From Saudi Arabia

Discussing About Bringing Dead...

Kamaljeet Singh was died before 1.5 months ago, his daughter Amandeep Kaur found us from an inter
Bring Dead Body From Saudi Arabia

Bring Dead Body From Saudi Ara...

Bring Dead Body from Saudi Arabia in 8 days. He was just 23 years old and he was died before 2 mo
Guys Were Captive In Sharjah - Released

Guys Were Captive In Sharjah -...

We released approx 16-17 guys from Sharjah (UAE). They were captive in a ship from last 1-1.5 yea
Released A Guy From Malaysia Jail

Released A Guy From Malaysia J...

We released a guy from Malaysia Jail, As he went to Malaysia to earn money but due to travel agen
Released Waryam Singh Form Jail

Released Waryam Singh Form Jai...

Balwant Singh Ramoowalia had been visiting various jails in the U.P. to bring about reforms for t
HelpingHapLess Is On Media

HelpingHapLess Is On Media

Balwant Singh Ramoowalia has announced about HelpingHapLess. Its totaly free NGO for needy people
Distribute Blankets And Woolen Clothes To Needy Ones

Distribute Blankets And Woolen...

HelpingHapLess Distribute Blankets and woolen clothes to needy persons in village Kumbra, Mohali dis
We Planted More Than 50,000+ Trees In S.A.S. Nagar

We Planted More Than 50,000+ T...

We planted more than 50,000+ trees in S.A.S. Nagar
Released Prisoners From Jail

Released Prisoners From Jail

HelpingHapLess helped the prisoners to get legally liberated from jail. There are three men in the p
Press Conference To Support Acid Attack Victim.

Press Conference To Support Ac...

Acid violence is the deliberate and willful use of acid to outbreak another human being. HelpingHapL
Inauguration Of Hospital In New Delhi

Inauguration Of Hospital In Ne...

HelpingHapLess and their team had been there to inaugurate a new hospital in New Delhi. This hosp