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Helping Hapless Was Approached By Girl Suffering From NRI Groom Who Abandoned Her After Three Months Of Their Marriage. She Has Been Cheated As Grooms Family Is Asking For More Dowry And The Boy Has Gone Back To Canada.

Helping Hapless Was Approached...

Helping Hapless was approached by girl suffering from NRI Groom who Abandoned her after three mon
Helping Hapless Met With Girls Abandoned By NRI Grooms. The Team Heard Some Horrifying Stories And Promised To Help These Girls. There Are Official Figures From 2008 That The Number Of Abandoned Wives In India Is Anywhere Between 25,000 To 30,000.

Helping Hapless Met With Girls...

Helping Hapless met with Girls Abandoned by NRI Grooms. The team Heard some horrifying stories an
Helping Hapless Organized An Event To Save Water And Save Girls. Event Was Organized In NCM, Mohali, Punjab. Helping Hapless Also Encourages People To Look After Our Environment By Doing Simple Things Like Saving Water And Using Other Sources Of Natu

Helping Hapless Organized An E...

Helping Hapless organized an event to save water and save girls. Event was organized in NCM,
Amanjot Kaur Ramoowalia Met With Rob Sampson

Amanjot Kaur Ramoowalia Met Wi...

Amanjot Kaur Ramoowalia met with Rob Sampson and shared new targets of HelpingHapless. He really
Bring Dead Body From Saudi Arabia

Bring Dead Body From Saudi Ara...

Bring Dead Body from Saudi Arabia, UAE in 7 days. His name was Ashiah Kumar and he was basic
Helping Hapless Helped Financialy Waryam Singh.

Helping Hapless Helped Financi...

Recently Waryam Singh came our Mohali Phase 9 office. Helping Hapless helped Financialy Wary
Bring Dead Body From Paris

Bring Dead Body From Paris

Bring Dead Body from Paris, France in 20 days. His name was Satvier singh and he was basical
HelpingHapless Supports To Farmers To Sell Their Grain

HelpingHapless Supports To Far...

HelpingHapless supports to farmers for timely procurement of wheat by govt. agencies.
HelpingHapless Has Been Honoured With Prizes To Sports Students

HelpingHapless Has Been Honour...

HelpingHapless has been honoured with prizes to sports students
Helping Hapless Helps A Lady Who Has Been A Victim Of Dowry, A Social Evil Faced By Thousands Of Girls Accross India. Our Team Helped This Lady In Filing Case Against Her In-Laws. After The Case Was Filed The Lady Was Financially Compensated By The G

Helping Hapless Helps A Lady W...

Helping Hapless helps a lady who has been a victim of Dowry, a social evil faced by thousands of
HelpingHapless Tributes To Shaheed Bhagat Singh

HelpingHapless Tributes To Sha...

HelpingHapless tributes to Shaheed Bhagat Singh
HelpingHapless Donating Rs. 2.5 Lakhs To Acid Victim

HelpingHapless Donating Rs. 2....

HelpingHapless donating Rs. 2.5 Lakhs to acid victim
HelpingHapless Promoting Sports Club

HelpingHapless Promoting Sport...

HelpingHapless promoting sports club
HelpingHapless Donated A School Uniforms To Students

HelpingHapless Donated A Schoo...

HelpingHapless donated a school uniforms to students.
HelpingHapless Motivating Childreen On Childreen's Day

HelpingHapless Motivating Chil...

HelpingHapless Motivating childreen on childreen's day about anti drungs.
HelpingHapless Has Been Honoured By Muslims On Eid.

HelpingHapless Has Been Honour...

Eid is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide. HelpingHapless has be